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Embracing and Respecting Métis Traditions

If you are concerned that you or a loved one may be struggling with gaming, gambling or other online activities please complete the online form below to book a confidential consultation or assessment with our specialized staff.

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Resources for Support

Métis Nation of Ontario - 24-hour Mental Health Helpline

Let Us Help! The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is proud to offer a 24-hour Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Line. For Métis culturally specific mental health and addiction supports for adults, youth, and families in Ontario in both English and French please call our crisis line.  Once connected services can be delivered in person, over the phone, or by video conference.

One centralized point of access where you can connect with one of our navigators and be guided through everything the Métis Nation of Ontario has to offer. 

  • a single point of access

  • enhanced community experience

  • information on all MNO services and supports available across the province 

  • facilitated coordination of supports and services for those in need 

Toll free number: 1-800-263-4889 ext 7


For non-urgent matters, referrals to the MHA programs, or for help navigating mental health and addictions services in your community please contact our confidential support services at: 

Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline

ConnexOntario:  1-866-531-2600

24 Hour Confidential Crisis Counselling (multiple languages available).

This website features a wealth of literature and information about problem gambling and provides links to treatment.

Gamblers Anonymous

855-2CALLGA (855-222-5542)

Gamblers Anonymous is available in many communities and uses a 12-step self-help approach to recovery.

Ottawa Hotline Number: (613) 567-3271
Ottawa G.A. Website:
Windsor Hotline Number: (226) 344-5127
Toronto G.A. Help line: 1-855-222-5542
Toronto G.A. Website:

A peer support service for family members and friends of people with gambling problems.

Centre for Problem Gambling and Digital Dependency

Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare


Problematic digital dependency, namely video games and internet technology, is characterized by an unhealthy over-consumption of digital technology.  A team of qualified professionals embraces a client-centered approach while providing education and harm reduction strategies to help attain a healthy balance and establish boundaries between reality and the cyber world.

Credit Canada


A not-for-profit organization that provides credit counselling to those who may need assistance in organizing their finances as well as providing educational resources to youth and adults on the fundamentals of personal financial management.

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Game Quitters
Game Quitters is a support community for those who want to quit playing video games and get their life back. They work with parents, gamers, teachers and professionals all over the world in order to provide as much help as possible to those in need. They offer coaching, educational resources, hobby tools, articles, support groups, and more. 

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