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New Webinar: One More Level

One More Level: Video Gaming Addiction

Date: Thursday, October 21, 202

Time: 7:00 - 8:30 PM ET

Audience: Parents, grandparents, caregivers


  • What emotional needs does gaming meet?

  • What does excessive gaming do to the brain, and how is excessive gaming affecting children's health?

  • What are Loot Boxes?

  • Tips on how to prevent excessive online spending/gambling

  • The 9 signs of gaming addiction

  • Prevention tips for parents/healthy management of gaming

Several years ago, Elaine Uskoski faced one of the biggest crises of her life when she learned her youngest son Jake was addicted to video gaming. She put everything on hold to deal with the seriousness of his obsession. At the time, there was little known about this type of addiction and Elaine found herself focusing all her energy on research, learning everything she could to help her son.

With knowledge, patience and perseverance Elaine was able to successfully help Jake regain his physical and emotional health. She chronicled her experiences in her book "Seeing Through the Cracks" and now shares her powerful message of hope and awareness through her work as a coach for parents and speaker. Elaine has been featured by many media outlets including CBC's The National, The Wall Street Journal, CBC Radio, CHCH, and Rogers TV.


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