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Taking Control

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

MNO offers new supports for Online Gaming Problems

Are your virtual gaming habits becoming a real-life problem? You’re not alone.

Gaming can be a great source of fun and escapism, especially during these past pandemic months. However, when your hobby becomes a problem and starts to consume your life, it might be time to set down the controller and take control of your life.

Thanks to a new partnership between the Métis Nation of Ontario’s Gaming and Gambling Awareness Program (MNO-GGAP) and Game Quitters, there are new supports to help gamers and their families regain control over their lives, online and off.

All programs are free and open to youth, families and adults.

Contact: for more information or to access services

How To Quit Playing Video Games

This online program contains the latest scientific and best practices of video game addiction and recovery. The program is comprised of ten video lessons, audio files, eBook, easy to follow exercises, workbook and community supports.

Learn how to:

  • Learn about the psychology that keeps people gaming

  • Beat urges and cravings to avoid relapse

  • Replace gaming with new hobbies

  • Strategies to stop procrastinating and be more productive

For Families With Gamers Of All Ages

Developed by world-renowned gaming experts, therapists, and parents, the Reclaim Virtual Family Program is evidence-informed and proven to reduce conflict, manage problematic gaming, & get your gamer back.

The Reclaim online program is a self-guided program with 40+ lessons that combine videos, written material, and workshops to help families develop the skills and tools to fight gaming problems effectively.

Families will learn:

  • How to reduce arguments and conflict over gaming

  • How to improve communication, so you see results

  • How to build and implement a realistic plan for your family

  • How to control gaming and screen time in a tech-centric world

  • How to manage tantrums and explosive behaviours

  • How to find replacement activities to replace boredom

A Personalized Approach

Every family and situation is unique and requires a personal touch. Our coaching philosophy is practical and provides you with measurable results and immediate impact. You will learn techniques and strategies to improve communication, reduce conflict and feel more confident as a parent and/or gamer.

A non-judgmental and compassionate coach will help you develop the skills necessary for yourself or your family.

What is the MNO Gaming & Gambling Awareness Program?

The MNO-GGAP program raises awareness and assists with the prevention of problem gambling, gaming and problem technology use. As part of the MNO’s Healing and Wellness branch, the GGAP program offers culture-based tools, resources, staff training, assessments, supports, workshops and activities across Ontario.

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