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Métis Culture

Embracing Culture
Alternatives to gambling and online use.

This page offers information and a variety of step-by-step instructions for easy to learn, cost effective, modern and traditional Métis activities and team building ice-breakers.

Check out the cultural categories and scroll to view our downloadable instruction pages.  More coming soon.

Métis Culture: Welcome

Métis Games

Fifteen (15) traditional and modern day twists to historical Métis games.

Use the arrows to scroll through activities.  You can view and download each activity by clicking on the underlined titles.

Métis Culture: Programs

Métis Arts & Culture

Fifteen (15) Métis cultural and modern day arts, crafts and educational activities for all ages.

Métis Culture: Programs
Metis Spoon and Dot Art.png

Combining music and simulating Métis beadwork with dot art.

Métis Harvesting & Team Building

Twelve (12) traditional and modern day adapted activities and team builders.

Métis Culture: Programs
Fry Bread.jpg

Easy cooking activity.  20-30 minutes.

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